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Summary Transcript of Ep.56 with Scott Mercer Interview

00:02:25 - Scott what is your background at Blizzard?

>Tech Support right after Diablo 1 with some Warcraft 2 install issues is where I started. I did Quality Assurance and Game Testing after Tech Support hours were done. Eventually moved on to a full time Level Designer position for Starcraft and Broodwar as well as Warcraft 3 and subsequent expansions. Moved to Warcraft for dungeons and raids until the team got larger to lead the team. Titan then rolled around and I started to work on that with them. Now I am a Principal Designer and work on lots of stuff and different design projects. I’ve worked on Zen, Soldier, Torb, and the tutorial. I am responsible for the stats and what cards come up in the game and game formats and map pools.

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